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d J●apan agreed to m◆ake great pr◆ogress in c●ultural and◆ people-to-pe◆ople exchange●s and inject new im○petus into bilate〓ral relations that m○eet the requirement●s of the ne●w era, Chin

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    ster Wa■ng Yi said h◆ere on Monday.Wa◆ng made the r◆emarks while at●tending a receptio○n for China-Japan p〓eople-to-people exch■anges hosted ◆by the Chine●se embassy in● Tokyo. Earlier on● Monda

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    y, the two ○countries launch●ed a high-level con〓sultation mechanism● on people-●to-people exchanges〓.Wang said tha●t China and 〓Japan are ne◆ighbors with a● long history of ◆exchanges of more th

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    〓an 2,000 year○s. Thanks ●to the joi○nt efforts of b■oth sides, cultural○ and people-to-peo○ple exchanges○ between C●hina and Jap○an are gaining new v○itality.The two peo■ples have more f●reque

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    nt exchanges w〓ith each other. The ◆number of visits ■between Chi●nese and Japanese p〓eople is expe〓cted to re◆ach 12 millio■n this year, equi●valent to mor◆e than 30,000 daily○ between the tw〓o


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    countries, Wang〓 said. Back in 1972 ●when bilateral relat○ions were normal◆ized, the number was● less than ◆10,000 for a year.■Chinese people se●e Japan as a p●opular destinati◆on for over○seas

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    travel. Ch●ina welcomes mor◆e Japanese frien●ds to visit differ●ent parts of ■its vast land and f〓eel the rap■id changes th〓at are happen●ing there, ●he said.Wang〓 noted that ●the mutual under●

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standing betwee■n the two pe●oples has b■een de

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e comm〓unications with○ each other, th●e distance bet